Studying Public Administration in the University of Khartoum goes back to the era of the Post Graduate Schools of the twenties of last century. At first, it was associated with the vocational training of workers in the Administrative sector. They used to receive their training in the Faculty of Law. It was when the Political Sciences Department was established in the Faculty of Economics and Social Studies (in 1960), that Public Administration became one of the basic subjects of the study in that Department. The Department started to grant the Post Graduate diploma certificate in Public Administration. After application of Regional Government in Sudan, in 1980, and within the University of Khartoum responding to the Society move, the Institute for Regional Government Studies was established. When the School of Administrative Sciences was established in 1986, the Public Administration Department became one of its three departments, that grant the Post Graduate Diploma, Masters and Ph.D. Certificates in Management (it does not grant the B.Sc. degree, as the Business Administration and Accounting Departments in the same School). When the Institute for Public Administration and Federalism Studies was established in 1996, the programs of Public Administration Department were transferred to it. It started, since 1999, to qualify students for obtaining the same degrees in Public Administration. It is responsible also for preparing researches in the fields of Public Administration and Federal Government. It follows, therefore, that Public Administration is one of the deeply rooted studies in the University of Khartoum.